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Publix Announces Semi-Annual Dividend

March 6, 2015 - Publix Super Markets Inc. announced its board of directors declared a semi-annual cash dividend of 39 cents per share on its common stock.

The dividend will be payable June 1, 2015, either through direct deposit or mailed as a check to stockholders of record as of the close of business April 30, 2015.

Publix encourages its stockholders to elect direct deposit of dividends. Stockholders can have their money automatically deposited in their bank account on the dividend payment date. Stockholders can access the online direct deposit authorization form below. Complete the online form, print and sign the form as indicated, and send it along with a voided check to Publix Stockholder Services.


Publix is the largest employee-owned retail grocery chain in the United States. Publix is owned by more than 112,000 stockholders and more than 122,000 participants of its Employee Stock Ownership Plan. During designated offering periods, Publix's common stock is made available for sale to eligible active employees and non-employee members of its Board of Directors. Publix's common stock is not publicly traded on a stock exchange and, therefore, does not have a "ticker" symbol. The market price of Publix's common stock is determined by its Board of Directors each quarter.

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Stockholders who need to submit a change of address should complete and mail in the Notice of Address Change Authorization Form 

Stockholders interested in having their dividends deposited directly into their bank account of choice should complete and mail in the Direct Deposit Authorization for Publix Stock Dividend Form.

Stockholders who want to cancel having their dividends deposited directly should complete and mail in the Direct Deposit Cancellation for Publix Stock Dividend Form.